Rachel’s quilt

This is Rachel’s quilt.  It is pure GENIUS and just so so lovely.  Rachel posted some GREAT pics on her site here: Stitched in Color.  Here are a few more from my end.

I tried so hard to do justice to this magical quilt, and I really hope I pulled it off.  Wow.  Straight lines are something I’ve never done on a quilt this size so it was a great learning experience and lots of fun, too, of course!!  See for yourself!





Rachel requested her signature at the bottom.  Cute, right?


7 responses to “Rachel’s quilt

  1. Fabulous!!! Just Fabulous!!
    I am so curious ~ how do you lock the stitches on all of those starts and stops? Of course, I don’t have a long arm, but after spending a crazy ridiculous amount of time knotting and burying threads from the one quilt I did starts and stops in each block, I am hesitant to go that route again, but sometimes, a quilt really calls for that type of quilting (like THIS quilt!)

    • Hi Tracy! Thanks for your comment! Stopping and starting is not fun, no matter what type of machine you’re using. But it is a lot easier on a longarm. I always try to start and stop in the seams, unless I run out of bobbin and am forced to start in the middle somewhere. I never bury threads, just clip them as closely as possible. To lock them in, I start about 5 stitches over the top of the end of the old line and continue on. Does that make sense? It’s kind of like backstitching to give it reinforcement. I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it, and it’s probably not the most invisible way, but it works alright for me! You’ll want to die if you can’t create a few shortcuts for yourself! 🙂

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