T-shirt Quilts

In addition to longarm quilting, I also make T-shirt quilts from start to finish.  I make them “collage style” using only your t-shirts, no sashing or borders.  All you have to do is send me your T-shirts and I can do the rest!

Step 1: Contact me at em.sess@gmail.com (or text me!) and let me know that you have T-shirts to send. Indicate for what or whom the quilt will be and how many T-shirts you have. I will give you an estimate on the price and time it will take for me to complete your quilt.

NOTE- The sizing below is an approximation. It’s difficult to know exactly what size your quilt will be based only upon the number of T-shirts you have.  If all of your t-shirts are X-large and have very large images on each one, the quilt will be larger. If a lot of your shirts only have a tiny emblem or logo to cut, the quilt will be smaller. And sometimes I only really know how large the quilt will be once the T-shirts are cut and laid out.  However, if you have a size in mind, tell me ahead of time and  I can enlarge or minimize your quilt to a certain degree by adding solid blocks of your T-shirts, or by taking out a few T-shirts.

Quilt Size Approximate # of T-shirts
Multi Use
48″ x 48″
52″ x 68″
60″ x 72″
60″ x 84″
84″ x 92″
92″ x 100″
100″ x 112″
15 – 20
20 – 30
25 – 35
30 – 40
40 – 50
50 – 60
60 – 80

Step 2: Decide on a backing and binding color. (I can use any solid color that you like, cotton or flannel).   These can be the same color or contrasting colors.  Send a swatch if you want to be specific.  You can also let me know what type of quilting design you’d like (see examples of my quilts for ideas).  I always do a loose, allover design across the quilt to give it a softer, more comfy feel- we don’t want stiff, custom quilting here. And don’t worry, if you have no idea what you want, I can make a recommendation.

Step 3:  Wash and dry all of your T-shirts to prep them for cutting and quilting.  DO NOT CUT any of your T-shirts for me.  Allow me to do all of the cutting and piecing.

Step 4: ALL of the logos and designs on your T-shirts will be used in the quilt unless you specify otherwise.  Mark an X with masking or blue painters tape over the designs on the T-shirts you do not wish to have included. (Avoid permanent marker- it can bleed through)

Step 4: Mail your T-shirts UNCUT and wrapped in plastic inside the box.  Always ship using UPS or FedEX. I find them to be much more reliable with tracking and insurance.

Step 5: I’ll do the rest!!  No need to pay beforehand. You can pay me via Venmo or at pickup when we are all finished. Or simply include a check with your t-shirts when you mail it out.


Typical Sizes  Approximate # of T-shirts  Cost
Mini  48″ x 48″  15-20  $250
Lap  52″ x 68″  20-30  $375
 Multi Use Size  60″ x 72″  25-35  $450
 Twin  60″ x 84″  30-40  $475
 Full  84″ x 92″  40-50  $550
 Queen  92″ x 100″  50-60  $650
 King  100″ x 112″  60-80  $800

These prices include everything: backing and binding materials, cutting, piecing, quilting and binding.  If your quilt size falls between sizes, I will charge you for the smaller size.

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