Basic: $0.025 per square inch
Basic quilting is any allover design you like. It does not include any change in design for borders, sashing, etc.

Custom: $0.045 per square inch
Custom quilting involves multiple different designs across the quilt.  This price also includes any needed thread color changes.

Calculate your estimate
To determine the cost of the quilting for your project, simply measure the length and width of your quilt and multiply these numbers together. Once you have decided which method of quilting you’d like, multiply your number by the cost per square inch. This will give you an estimate of the price.

L x W x (cost per square inch)

For example, you have a queen size quilt that measures 86″ x 93″, or 7,998 square inches and you want a basic design across the quilt.

86″ x 93″ = 7,998
7,998 x .025 (the cost for basic quilting) = $199.95

Your quilt will cost about $200 dollars to quilt.

***Minimum price for any basic quilting project is $100 dollars. Minimum price for custom quilting is $125. ***



I am usually very busy with many customers on my list, and I am usually booked out at LEAST 2 months.  However, I understand when there are last minute parties, baby showers, or graduations, etc, that sneak up on us and the quilting needs a quick turnaround.  For these special circumstances an extra $50 dollars per project will be added to your total if I need to move you to the front of the list.






One response to “Pricing

  1. I met your Mom in the Doylestown quilt shop and ask about your quilting…have to measure my quilt. What about batting…do I send that
    too? Patricia

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