Questions? Please drop me a line!

Emily Sessions
4560 Summer Hill Drive
Doylestown, PA


If you have a quilt for me, just email, call, or text me and let me know you’ll be sending it so I can keep an eye out for it.

6 responses to “Contact

  1. Your card was given to me by Sew Fro in Doylestown, PA. I have a 80×90″ quilt that I’m preparing to ship to you and would like the cotton/poly batting you can provide. I will do the binding myself. What is your time frame for this project? Thank you.

  2. Hi Emily, I love the quilt by Donna with the large squares and the grey strips between them. Do you know the name of this pattern? Thanks

  3. I just found your blog- and beautiful work. Rachel Hauser (Stitch in Color) introduced us! I’m a quilter too but only do my own and a few close friends’ quilts. Haven’t branched out into the public. I’ve got an older HQ for which in very thankful.
    Do you use rulers for your straight lines or just an experienced steady hand? Also what machine do you quilt with?
    Blessings, Beth

    • Hi, Beth! Thanks for your comment! I do have two very simple rulers I use for anything diagonal. I am a very steady hand when it comes to up/down and side to side, so usually I go free-hand there. But the diagonal is iffy without a ruler. I like a small ruler for stitching in the ditch, too, usually. Only use rulers made for a long arm, of course. They’re wider and won’t slip under your needle. And you also need a small platform that clips to your machine so you have a place to lay your ruler. Is this making sense? Too much info? I love talking about this stuff!

      I use an 18 inch Innova. It gets the job done! ❤️

      • Makes perfect sense. Thanks! I have all the “stuff”; just need to practice. I’ve taken 1 class on ruler work as an intro. Just wondering how you did it. Great info. Thanks again. Blessings! Beth

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