Quilt Prep and Shipping


Please be sure the top and back of your quilt are square.

The back AND batting should be at least 4″ to 6″ larger than the top on all sides. (If you’d rather not ship batting, I can provide it for you and add it to your total)  I usually have to trim your backing a little to make it perfectly square, so keep this in mind when determining the size of the backing.

Press your top and back as well as possible.  Don’t worry about creases made after folding and placing in the box, but if you can still see the fold lines from when your backing came off of the bolt, it may show after the quilting is finished.

Remove any loose threads still attached to your top.

Decide what kind of quilting you’d like and be specific in your instructions!  If you would rather I make the quilting decisions, I will consult with you first before going to work.


If shipping, place everything inside a plastic bag to avoid any damage.  To the plastic bag, PLEASE tape on a note with your name, phone number, email, and mailing address.  If your quilt is a queen or larger, PLEASE ship it to me in a box large enough for me to return it in.  I charge a flat return shipping rate of $15 dollars for up to 2 quilts and $3 dollars more for each additional quilt.

Also, be sure to include a check with your quilt.  Contact me before shipping and we can talk about what the total cost will be. I also accept Venmo as a form of payment if you would prefer it.

**I recommend going with a larger shipping company like FedEx or UPS when mailing your quilt.  They insure all packages automatically for at least $100 dollars and they can track your package down wherever it might be, not just give you delivery confirmation like USPS.

One response to “Quilt Prep and Shipping

  1. Got it! I plan to ship my quilt on Saturday, Emily, and I am so excited. Thanks for being so easy to work with!!!

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