A Few Ideas…

Here are a few of my quilting samples.  I will post more as they come to me.  These are just samples, so they’re not perfect.  Also, I clearly have much to learn in photography.  Sigh….But they’ll  give you ideas for your quilts and an idea of what I am able to do.  As you know, the options for different types of quilting are limitless, ranging from very ornate and fancy to simple and modern.  It just depends on you, your style, and your quilt!

Allover feathering-

Some feathering ideas  that would look great in a border-

The next 4 samples work well when you have square blocks to fill but don’t want an allover look.


Swirly curls-


Some border ideas.  All of these can be converted into allover designs.

There you have it.  More samples to come.  🙂


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