Miranda’s T-shirt quilt

I pieced and quilted this quilt for my niece, Miranda.  She is just about to graduate from high school and is off to BYU in the fall!  Hooray!  She just received her quilt and, thankfully, she loves it.  I had a love/hate relationship with this little quilt.  I didn’t use a pattern, because all of Miranda’s T-shirts came out to all different random sizes after being cut.  I improvised the whole thing, which I have never done before, adding random squares of varying colors and patterns here and there.  Gray seemed best as the border, binding, and backing (in flannel) so that the crazy colors in the center could stand out.



One response to “Miranda’s T-shirt quilt

  1. Hi Emily–
    This quilt is incredible. I’m sure Miranda will treasure it forever!
    Love, Geni

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